One of the key points of SATH is to use concrete as material against other steel based solution. The employment of concrete added to the reduced material requirement due to Single Point Mooring innovative concept, allows SATH to significantly reduce global environmental impact on the full lifecycle.


Concrete's maintenance free capacity also reduces dramatically carbon footprint during operation compared to steel floating solutions.


Floating solutions have the capacity of not leaving any component on site returning to original state. As SATH offers the most plug & play solution in the market, decommissioning is simplified reducing both costs and environmental impact. Limited mooring lines also reduces impact from mooring.

Furthermore, due to concrete´s durability, the platform could even be reused after wind farm is decommissioned. Allowing giving platform a second use and taking decommissioning from a cost to an income. As a consequence of the whole life cycle operation analysis, SATH can be considered to have the lowest environmental impact of floating solutions.