Cost Reduction

Future of floating platforms will only be a reality

if solutions are able to achieve a competitive LCOE. SATH does it now.


When talking about Renewable Energy it is all about reducing the Levelised Cost Of Energy.

As LCOE is composed by CAPital EXpenditures and OPerational EXpenditures, Saitec's vision is to reach this cost reduction by tackling both CAPEX and OPEX.


SATH is not just the most competitive floating solution for Offshore Wind Industry but it is a current cost competitive solution to fully proved monopiles.

SATH may have a slightly higher cost regarding platform manufacturing compared to monopiles, but total CAPEX is decreased by dramatical INSTALLATION COST REDUCTION, due to its Plug & Play nature.


The Plug & Play installation capacity allows us to avoid the employment of expensive vessels for big parts maintenance causing a dramatic cost reductions on operation.

Another key point in the OPEX cost reduction target is the fact that CONCRETE has very low maintenance requirements compared to steel solutions.